Tuesday, September 29, 2015

In which I explain how Marga is typical... but not

This is pretty typical Marga. You could make fun of the teenager with two screens in front of her (three if you count the television, which you can't see), but that would be missing the point.
The point is that you're looking at a teenager on two screens in the living room with the rest of the family. That's a Big Deal. No hiding in her room (except to occasionally Skype with friends or family) -- Marga suffers the frantic pace of life in the living room with three other humans, two dogs, four cats, and the occasional stinkbug.

(To any Dutch readers: I don't know the Dutch word for stinkbug, but they're insects about a cm long that fly and walk, and if you frighten them, they emit a really bad smell. Trust me; I speak from experience.)

Granted, she's sort of hiding by having her earbuds in, but she's always half-listening to what's going on around her.

I'm sharing this as a starting point. Tomorrow I'll talk about her first few weeks here.

In which I explain the purpose of this blog

It has come to my attention that one Marga Don has been spinning stories about her time with us here in the USA. I figured I oughta create this blog as another perspective on the whole deal -- and also to fill you in on the things she doesn't share.

Bottom line: Watch this space. For one thing, I plan to update a bit more than she does.